The Aetherium Tournaments are a series of Tournaments done by Users pitting characters up against one another, in canon, it's a multi-dimensional tournament that hosts dimensions' fighters seeking to prove they're the best of where they come from. And what more, that they're the best there.


The 2011 Aetherium tournaments were held on the launch date of the Aetherium itself. It was rather small compared to the other tournaments. What is notable about the year is that W-014 had entered and won the whole line of tournaments in 2011, which 3v3 matches were held in questionable consideration due to the sheer overpowering force of the victorious team.

1v1 victor: Solar

2v2 victors: Solar and Rose

3v3 victors: Solar, Violet, and Rose

4v4 victors: Solar, Violet, Lucien, and Rose


The 2012 Aetherium tournament was held without Solar entering, and the rest of W-014 (with the exclusion of Rose) watching. There was a mixed amount of victories from each sort of line of tournaments, but it was also what led to W-014 spreading out it's recruitment options.

1v1 victor: Tenshi Furea

2v2 victors: Lense Valentine and Rosaline Valentine

4v4 victors: Unknown (Presumed unfinished)

'13 and '14

The 2013 and 2014 tournaments are reportedly never finished


The 2015 tournament is currently ongoing, which it was highly significant in which Mitsuzosake Watatsuki had chosen to enter.

1v1 victor: TBA

2v2 victors: TBA

3v3 victors: TBA

4v4 victors: TBA

Diamond Arena

The Diamond Arena, which is aptly named for it's spraypainted obsidianate and diamond-esque lighting, is the area which the fights take place. It has a food court that slowly leads to the entrance/exit of the ship. As well as some suites that can look onto the battle from the inside of said suite. The Arena has a forcefield when battles are going on to prevent outside interference, though Trinity Jokers and Wardens can disable it via cellular device or laptop for interference should a fight get lethal.

The Finest

Otherwise known as the Diamond Arena Challenge, they take on Challengers on days where they are feeling and performing their best. There has only ever been one recorded victor who had won from at least one of the challengers. He went by the name of Vexx.