The Grand City Guardsmen is an organized military police force which guards the Grand City, they're the oldest division within the Trinitarian Army. Not much is known about them except for this.

Grand City Guardsmen

  • Grand City Police
  • 要塞 警察 (Yousai Keisatsu "Citadel Police")
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Chronologic Age: At least 30 years
  • Formation Date: Presumably when Trinity formed.
  • Military Strength: Unknown
  • Distinguishable Features
    • Members wear obsidianate armor, uniforms are more old-fashioned, based akin to Police uniforms with armor over it, instead of the standard trenchcoat.
  • Known Species part of: Human, Auriseld.
Alternative Names/Monikers/Titles
  • The Police
Commanding Officers
Known Engagements
  • Grand City Scourge
  • None notable aside to the Grand City Militia.
  • Any hostiles
  • Numerous bandit groups.

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