Orihara is a major Trinitarian city that exists under constant martial law compared to community. Though despite this, the civilians seem to care little, as if it was the way as it started. The major standing of the city has later made it form into a citystate


  • Orihara
  • 折原
Chronological, Populative, and Economical Info
  • Chronologic Age: Four Years
  • Formation Date: Summer Solstice, 2011
  • Population: Approx. 694,000
  • Representative Color: Dark Purple
  • Known Population: Youkai (Dominantly Tengu, Kappa), Human, Auriseld, Earth Rabbit, Lunar Rabbit.
  • Economy: Relatively strong for the most part
  • Currency: Credit (Previously gold)
  • Citystate Animal: Black Eagle
  • Citystate Flower: Lunabloom
  • Citystate Tree: Siberian Larch
Alternative Names/Monikers/Titles
  • The Black Dragon's Brood
  • Oriharan 1st
  • Trinitarian Honor Corps
  • The Dark Urban Tide
  • The One Percent Chance of Shitstorm
Governing body
  • Martial Rule with some elements of communism and libertarian, which includes Wardens
  • Elite Wardens
  • The Field Leader is technically Dictator
  • The Council