These rules are to regulate RPing and to make it more enjoyable, these rules are 'not' to apply to joke RPs

And they are listed..


  • 1. No Godmodding (No illogical instakill attacks, no autohits [Unless safe], no illogical powergains, no dodging/blocking every attack, instantly adding new abilities, etc.), this is obvious.
    • 1-1. Controlling others' characters too. Unless it's a mind control/hypnosis gimmick they've fallen for, though even those need to have a chance to fail (80-90% chance to fail is very good).
    • 1-2. This also includes going back on a character's actions.
  • 2. No Powerplaying (Instantly procuring items, such as chaos emeralds, powerful or not,)
    • 2-1. Hammerspace with having no skill in Spacial manipulation is FailRP.
      • 2-1A With Raw Space Magic/Kinetic use, and being highly experienced in the field, or made a Spacial infused magicweave backpack or anything similar is fine.
  • 3. No Metagaming (No instantly knowing an enemy's weakness, unless it's within a moveset. No knowing every move of your opponent, no illogical powerscales)
    • 3-1. You're not someone who's beaten the game of the RP sector. Prove that you know. (Does not include "Oh, I read the character's page.")
  • 4. If you want to fight people, expect that you can lose things just as equally, especially if it's a fight to the death. Attempting to kill someone will be counted as a fight to the death agreement. Minion/Mook/Nameless person or not, it still will be.
    • 4-1. Instantly calling someone out for Godmodding when you're losing a fight and being butthurt is FailRPModding.
      • 4-1A. Instantly just calling someone OP or a Godmodder for something you don't know how to counter is FailRPModding, too.
    • 4-2. Trying to plead for your character's life makes you look bad
      • 4-2A. How? Because you expect to get off scotfree trying to kill everyone else.
    • 4-3. Trying to attack someone over stupidity is FailRP
      • 4-3A. Such as AMA's attack on Orihara because the Snipers are apparently oppressing the public, when they're not aiming at anything, and serving as lookouts, as well as instant crime stoppers.
  • 5. Just because your character has a Name doesn't mean they're meant to be all powerful, and they're free of killing Minion/Mook/Nameless people, and would be regarded as an innocent, or not very criminal in nature
    • 5-1. Trying to plead that your character is an innocent person when they've killed people is illogical.
    • 5-2. Killing people may put you up to a Fight to the Death, but most logical people would simply just try and detain the criminal.
  • 6. Super Forms are stupid
    • 6-1. While there is no rule to prevent it, instantly having a super form for no reason at all, bad.
    • 6-2. It's understandable if you go into a Super Form or Power Burst in the midst of a long going/tough fight, but you still need to explain how you're able to be within these lines.
  • 7. You're not above the rules: Rank, Activity, or Experience doesn't excuse you from your own shitty FailRP skills.
    • 7-1. Nor if your parent supposedly works for Wikia.
    • 7-2. Nor if you try to put enough money to lawsuit, which'll have you gain nothing in the end.
    • 7-3. Another part of this is that you try to be a lawyer, or your parent(s) are lawyers, where you think that you can just do anything you want anyways.
  • 8. All RPs in chat are freejoin, unless you have violations in your RP record.
  • 9. You're not allowed to control what happens in an RP's timeline, or to put in timeskips, or to change the plot and/or characters drastically.
    • 9-1. Dictating the characters who would be played, and telling people to RP as other characters is FailDictator
      • 9-1A. If it's such a concern, go make a Private RP or whatever.
  • 10. Keep your smut in your pants and out of Mainspace/Main Chat RPs, you can only go as so far to reference said smut, or use innuendos, but not do it within.
    • 10-1. In Private RPs, it's fine, but only in Chat, and not in Mainspace.
  • 11. Slamming someone for their character's beliefs just makes you look silly
    • 11-1. Though people can judge you for your character's acts, as acts aren't beliefs.
  • 12. You're not the main character of a the RP, nor the Hero of it, bring your power fantasies elsewhere.
    • 12-1. Accept your losses.
  • 13. Your character isn't beautiful, sexy, etc. to us.
    • 13-1. Again, keep your smut in your pants.
  • 14. Have some fun, and don't fuck up everyone else's fun.
    • 14-1. To be fair, everyone starts with a clean record, don't fuck it up.
    • 14-2. Report to the mods for a call on anyone's rulebreaks
    • 14-3. If not, we'll just laugh at you.

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