Yamato 'Solar' Flareborne (Originally born as Elric Flareborne, and his nickname, and preferred name being Solar. Name in JP Furea Yamato.) is one of the main characters of Black&White:serving as a semi-troubled and smart-mouthed protagonist and occasional antagonist. He is currently the lead military commander of all of the troops deployed within his areas of control, and the commanding officer of the First Oriharan Regiment, otherwise known as the Trinitarian Honor Corps. Due to his title and organization, he's more commonly known as Black Dragon Solar or The Black Dragon, basically serving as the eponymous "black" side of Black&White.

Yamato Furea SolarChaoticNeko

  • Yamato 'Solar' Knowledge-Flareborne
  • ノーレッジ-フレアー, ヤマト "そらあ" (Norejji-Furea Yamato "Soraa")
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Chronologic Age: Twenty (Claims to be this age; his age can be truly ambiguous. Seventeen in Route X.)
  • Birthdate: Five days before the summer solstice.
  • Physical Age: Eighteen
  • Species: Auriseld Witchborne
  • Weight: 159 lbs
  • Height: 6'1
  • Physical Build: Thin, Sleek.
  • Gender: Male
  • Skin: Pale
  • Hair: White, edges dyed red.
  • Eyes: Shadow Violet (Susceptible to flickering, and turning red-violet at intervals)
  • Blood Type: O-
  • Distinguishable Features
    • Has deep ritual scars and magic seals in his back
      • His deep scars reveal a crystalline heart.
      • Said scars and seals appear to be designed after a crescent moon behind a winged star.
        • Claims that since then, has changed it to mimic a Dragon.
    • Had a scar on his right eye, now all traces are eliminated safe for a depression in the skin.
    • Has a scar on from his right wrist to his elbow.
    • Bears white hair at such a young age.
Alternative Names/Monikers/Titles
  • Sol (Common Nickname; used by Rose, and Yori on occasion)
  • The Most Dangerous Man in all of Orihara (Trinity Troopers, those who live in Orihara, some people near Orihara)
  • The Field Leader (First Oriharan Regiment)
  • The Black Dragon of Orihara (Self given title after having made a name of himself.)
  • The Dragon of the Dusk Moon (LDC)
  • The Rampant Knowledgable Black Dragon (Gensoukyou title)
  • The Springbringer
  • Ladies' Man of Trinity
  • Big Bro (Sellie)
  • Big Brother (Alice)
  • Elric (Original name, used scarcely)
  • Yamato (Changed, real name.)
  • The Black Dragon (Common nickname amongst enemy factions and Police)
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion (Pre-Gensokyo move)
Related to
Love Interest(s)
  • Trinity itself
  • The Lunar Defense Corps
  • The Circle of Makai
  • The Circles of Hell
  • Anyone who decides to pick a fight
  • Sunset Kingdom (Defeated)
  • JKirk Empire (Defeated, twice)
  • A Legitopian Squad (Defeated)
  • Unknown
  • Solar/Black Dragon Sol/The Black Dragon of Orihara (January 2010-Present)
English VA
  • Black Dragon Sol
Seiyuu (JP CV)
  • 黒竜SOL (KuroryuSOL Lit. Black Dragon Sol)


Having been born to Patchouli and a man named Snipes, Solar lived his first five years of his life without a proper memory developed, by that time, Patchouli had abandoned him and his younger siblings, something Tenshi didn't take kind to when she was training. The main reason was Solar's tendency to wander through large distances from where he is, as a pure instinctual drive inside of him, this made it very dangerous should he have met Flandre Scarlet within the Scarlet Devil Mansion, he has once, though when in care of Patchouli, neither of the two (Flandre, Solar) had remembered each other clearly.

The reason for this abandonment is generally from Snipes' departure from the Mansion, eventually tiring from the life of being in a mansion and with some sort of wealth to him, he left all but his attire, crossbows, bolts, leaving his book. After finding he was gone, Patchouli slumped into a deep depression and slowly began incapable of raising the other children. After the others in the mansion started to be burdened, Patchouli, fed up and in a sense of hopelessness, split the other four siblings away from each other and had been abandoned, the twins and Solar in just about the same area, but far apart towards where they could not find each other, the middle child, unknown.

Upon his youth, he was found upon by Rosaline Valentine and her mother Kassandera Valentine, and was raised to be a killer by the two, though with much love and care so he never went rampant. Rosaline's father Veniterak Valentine objected to them taking care of a mortal, but later went ahead with the idea, anyways. Solar at this time, and would be called it as a given nickname by Rosaline, was unable to coherently talk to Rosaline and Veniterak in English, and had to resort to talking in Japanese, which Rose could only understand simple sentences, where Kassandera would understand Solar wholly. During his time with the family, Kass would train Solar to use European swords, mainly that of the lighter category (Cutlasses, shortswords, rapiers). As well as would receive education with Rosaline.

During Solar's time in staying with the Valentine family, he had grown to have a knack for learning things quickly if he did it on his own. Whatever freetime he had was spent to learning how to play Chess from Kass. Where he had quickly shown to be a prodigy, especially when it came to slowly breaking an opponent down to nothing, or exploiting their weaknesses. Later on he would then go to playing tabletop games, more often than not by himself. It's been repored that about the age of thirteen, he started to create his own scenarios instead of going by one that a book has given, using the miniature pieces. Although an odd way to spend free time, and said boring by most, it's may've what led to Solar being rather intelligent.

However; upon the time both of them were twelve, Kass and Veniterak would give their lives trying to protect Rose from a large avalanche during a vacationing time, it was upon this time where she (Rosaline) would end up raising Solar and having to deal with telling him that she's a Succubus, at that time, she'd raise Solar with the help of her maids and Succubi under her command, at the same time, having to deal with being integrated into Hell's Council so quickly. Which basically meant that Solar would more of be left in the care of Rose's friends and servants more often.

Fast-forward two more years, Solar, now able to speak widely coherent English, and able to go on his own with the skills needed to survive, was integrated into Hell's army, specifically Purgatory's portion. As such, dabbling with demonic magic proved as an innate ability for him (Having been born to a Witch mother), and, after one year, has purely mastered the ability to shadowform. During his time as fifteen years old, he found his two younger sisters out on the street, Alice, the younger of the two, pointing a rusted kitchen knife at him, claiming to have killed seven people with it.

Solar, however, noticed that they, unlike anyone else he's seen (Safe for Kass, who had a lot of white to her pink hair), had white hair. After easily disarming Alice and kicking her to the ground, he rose her back up, only to get a few punches to the face (With surprise to how physically strong Alice was). Sellie would watch, and would eventually break the two up, noting to Alice that Solar possesses their mother's eyes, Alice'd look over, the two would stare as electricity literally sparked from their minds, colliding. After seeing that, Alice would note that Solar's skills would be somewhat similar to her own. Despite this, the two didn't get along often until their later years.

After realizing this, the three came up with a theory that they're all siblings. And would later head off back down to Hell. Having been recognized as a witch's scion, and from a book that's been in Solar's knapsack, it was concluded that their mother was a witch from that, formed an Organization named 'Trinity', with Solar carrying the book, he could prove that he was the son of one of it's leaders. Alice, and Sellie, were only proven to be his sisters after having had wicken marks and tattoos carved into them, as well as replicated so perfectly. From that, and being curious of Trinity, he visited it's dimension and was welcomed as a revered member, now the age of sixteen. It was then he found out that one of the founders was Kass.

Having been trained by Kass personally, this earned him a high rank and a bit of entitlement to add to it, he became a Warden and was assigned to Mobius, where he began various escapades with Rose, who was also found to be a member (though none to a surprise of it), having recruited a team of six people with a side of him split out into a physical apparition (Which was later called 'Lunar'), he made the team Warden-Fourteen, which quickly became the top Warden team, despite having it full of what was called "Amateurs", it was eventually proven their strength from a majority of them being trained by the Founders.

Upon the age of fourteen, Solar was given his first assignments, to start a town named Orihara in a Taiga Forest separated by rivers, the town later evolved into a metropolitan city, though it took about three years to grow to it's full potential. He kept Orihara at it's location, with others to work on it, the notable people in it being Blake Liesel, Lucindia Vivilonde, Ezra Dahlman, The Butterfly Killer, Larxene L'Energie Du'font, the Lelander Sisters as well as a few others. Orihara became a bit of a port city and a major one in it's location. It was then that Solar was given new orders afterwords.

Having collided with multiple figures, and given the stress of being hunted, this started to change him into a lot more cynical person, he killed Lunar to 'regain power that was rightfully his', but with this, the other members were lightly aware until they found out that Lunar was an alternate persona, from that, Solar's motives were questionable, but he is still the same person. Rose's relationship with him, however, slowly went down the drain after Solar went without a girlfriend for the rest of the time until January. With a supposed princess of the Moon captivating his interest.

Getting further leads, and wanting to trace his roots, shortly before he got his new girlfriend. He has went what was received an informant, after getting info, he has traveled to another dimension called Gensokyo, from this, he's looked about for any info about his mother, only to be led to one place, the Scarlet Devil Mansion, after showing the book to a gateguard, he was let through freely instead of running into a fight which could've ended up in an unwanted death. It was there he met Patchouli as a full person. After showing her the book and asking her who wrote it, she replied that she did, though her memory of him and the siblings are rocky and faded.

Having created a daughter (whom of which would be technically termed as a homunculus) from artificial properties, Solar lives his life in the flying city of Orihara, combating new situations and old ones, with resolute learned from his time in Trinity to protect what his parents stood for, and to protect his family and himself, as well as protect his friends. Using his previous life experiences and newer experiences, he's been molded into the present prime leader of Trinity just below the Trinitarian Council, which consists of Patchouli and an unknown amount of people.

Now, after fighting within a war and having caused a result of victory, said war against two factions and having dealt with numerous people, he resides calmly in various hotels, traveling the world occasionally, and wanting to make sure that he can either leave or stay, truly wanting to leave and make the area collapse on itself. From this. He has also traveled to other areas, usually unaccompanied, gaining potential soldiers for Trinity and more friends. Making the faction ever stronger.

It is known that Solar has expanded Trinity over towards a land that he deems similar to Gensokyo, or something that borders it, that isn't Earth itself, nor is exactly Gensokyo. It is revealed that then, this was the area where Orihara was built upon originally, in a massive taiga forest separated in little islands from rivers. He still however, does go upon missions across dimensions and travels every now and then to this date. Even showing to be present during the Aetherium Tournaments

After two and a half years, Solar has considered himself to not be worth any fraction of a love's time and has grown fairly used to traveling in small groups rather than in the comfort of Orihara, often going through dimensional travels not only to boost up the strength of his organization once more. He's known to have occasional, although rare visits to family. It's more or less known that one or twice every month, he's bound to disappear for at least a day. It's also thought that the mainstay reason for this constant disappearing act is with his fascination of the Theory of Quantum Mechanics. It's not too often that he's


There are tons of words used to describe Solar as a whole, but the ones that take the cake are; Calculative, Cynical, Mysterious, (rarely) Psychotic. Though mainly, cynical, Solar believes that a large majority of people are motivated by their own selfish desires, wants, or needs. Often, usually those who he treats with such coldness and apparent hate and dislike, usually help proving his point through his own trickery. This cynical attitude causes Solar to treat the others in a slightly apparent prejudice because of how they do things in all, heroes, villains, and neutralities alike. It's often common to see Yamato stirring his foes against each other out of their own, selfish reasons, with the main reason being his own, personal enjoyment.

Then comes the calculative side, he's viewed as a strategical genius, more than that, very often by his friends and rivals alike, and Solar has pulled off the stunts to show it. Able to bring down towns with as little as three people. All he needs is a short team of skilled individuals to bring a town to it's knees, and a short expedition of said individuals to possibly, even take over the world, if enough. This probably is the reason why Solar is called 'the most dangerous man of Orihara' by the townspeople, Trinity's members, and his own friends. This, combined with a will and stomach enough to kill, along with a cynical attitude, makes it seem largely so. Enough to make him look like a psychopath.

Though this isn't always what Solar is seen as, as well as not being a completely heartless. While he is secretive, it is not done out of paranoia, it's so he doesn't put himself mainly upon thin ice. Despite being seen as a cold, shady, and merciless killer or person, he is shown to be very loving to his sisters and relatives, and very warm to his friends, there is also the fact that when he sends his soldiers into battle, he tries his best to minimize casualties as much as possible, as if his men were all close relatives or friends as such. So he tries to maximize effort while minimizing losses. He's shown to be quite protective of his daughters, enough to fly into a blood-stroked rage in the condition should any sort of harm befall them

He also is very loving towards relatives, and it wouldn't be uncommon to see him flirting with a girl that isn't taken. Though he doesn't date multiple girls. It's likely that he'd been the object of heart in a lot of them. It's known that a bit of a portion of Makai's nearly all-female soldiers are shown to be rather infatuated or charmed by Solar's flirting. It also isn't common for girls in Orihara to be talking of Solar as a "Dangerous yet very handsome or charming figure.". It's well to describe him as a chivalrous figure. Though he's also fairly loyal. Upon being interested with Yorihime, however, most of his flirting tends to stop, safe for a few individuals.

Amongst darker sides, Solar is sadistic, as well as a pathological liar, able to twist words around and bend them to his advantage. This means he's very proficient with doublespeak, and could even create new identities on the fly. Amongst this "Criminal creativity", he only makes up aliases for himself, rather than different identities to masquerade by. Whether or not someone notices depends entirely on their perception, rather than outright a telling sign that he is. However, Yorihime seems to be able to completely spot whether or not Solar is lying, which means that she might know of his telling sign, which no one else has. This is often the only thing that strains their relationship.

Combatual Weapons

Solar uses one blade, an obsidianate (folded over, and slightly smelted to;) moonsteel tamahagane-esque, bastard-sword length katana named Yuguretsuki, literally translating to Dusk Moon, the blade is capable of absorbing Darkness. He can use the stored darkness to create Eclipses to further boost the moonsteel's power, the blade is known to glow in blue when unsheathed within moonlight, and is shown to be purple when struck with any sources of light comparable to sunlight (a notable function of moonsteel and obsidianate respectively). Such a blade is highly unique, that anything similar is a counterfeit. He may use a tanto in his off-hand while fighting with Yuguretsuki. Yuguretsuki is also compatible with Solar's pure arcane aura, and depending on the phase of the moon, it glows with more and more magic, the damage given a multiplier with magic damage adding to the physical damage.

Yuguretsuki's aura glows brighter or dimmer given on, again, the phase of the moon, when glowing brighter, the effects of it's own powers combined with Solar's arcane aura is greater than if it was dimmer, the brightest it glows is during a Lunar Full Moon Eclipse, where the dimmest it glows is during a New Moon. Yuguretsuki's moon benefits include Magic Damage with the Physical Damage, Regeneration (Both health and mana pool, dominantly mana pool), Heightened Overall Speed, as well as wider synchronization with Solar's own magic.

He also has a pair of handguns, customized and made by his two younger sisters, one being a semi-automatic pistol, and another being a triple barreled Revolver, the pistol holds six large, .45 ACP modified rounds with an explosive tip, in it's clip, and the rounds are made with sun silver, and can be detonated upon Solar's own will, as the rounds have slight engravings in them which glow with Wicken energy. The other handgun is a triple-barreled revolver with black plate, the chamber has a bulletproof glass case around it as the chamber is active with Lufidoric energy, which allows the rounds loaded inside to be imbued with the same energy, this is mentioned to simply be a bit of a safeguard just in case if they don't turn out the way they're wanted. The weapons were called Retribution and Reconciliation respectively.

Later on, these weapons were later replaced by a black and silver handgun holding similar rounds, although lacking the sun silver. As well as a marksman revolver that, unlike his triple-barreled revolver, is single barreled, possesses a scope, as well as a matching balisong to act as a bayonet. Despite the supposed downgrade, both hold the same rounds, and Solar is seemingly more comfortable using them than his previous handguns. They were also manufactured and customized by his younger sisters. The revolver lacks the glass case it's predecessor did, and the handgun has silver decorative wings for the slide which grant for an illusory sight used for 1x and pinpointing, in case the laser sight on the handgun is unable to work or do the trick. Whereas the scope on the Revolver is a 2x, flip-up magnifying glass, with a red dot sight at the middle.

Aside to that, Solar wields an intensely modified Mosin-Nagant 91/30 with a ebony stock, to which the bolt action rifle has been rechambered to accept the customized and dreaded Bolt ammo that the Trinitarians have developed for their sniper rifles. The bolt ammo, not to be confused with crossbow bolts, is equal at being anti-material and anti-personnel, at the cost of having the same damage output overall no matter the target. This makes it for a weapon to use against anything, although not necessarily potent as for a rifle and ammo purposed for one or the other. The scope is the stock scope that some Mosins come with, although it's modified to switch view modes via different lenses. With being both anti-material and anti-personnel, while not being proficient as either in the long run in their respective fields, this allows the rifle to punch holes into targets with ease, be it light to moderate vehicles, to heavily armored troops.

A majority of the style mainly consists of acrobatic and somewhat flashy moves, usually implementing kicks while fighting, but sometimes, punches. He also has throwing knives (later on, his balisong) hooked up to his wire gauntlet, which he controls how far it extends and pulls back via electromagnetism. Making it very comparable to a ballistic knife.

He is also in possession of a copy of the Wicken Grimoire with extra pages to add his own spells for the concept of it. This basically allows him to scribble down more spells that the original Wicken Grimoire, which his mother is in possession of, does not have. Therefore making Solar's own copy fairly unique in it's own way.


Solar has numerous abilities which makes him, effectively, a jack-of-all trades, safe for having lower strength and bad defense in return for having a large offensive powerhouse, effectively listing him as a 'glass cannon', one needs to think tactically and smartly in order to beat him, as rushing straight forward against him is just a good way to get killed and slaughtered. As Solar is a very tactical and strategical fighter, and no doubt, uses his intelligence to gain the upper hand while fighting. This pairs well with a pure arcane aura presence within his soul resonance.

What makes him particularly a tricky person to deal with is his fluency is plasmamancy, otherwise known as pyromancy, the magic of heat energy manipulation, where he's proven capable enough to use both fire and electricity so effectively, that his body and his soul resonance has gotten so used to it that it's able to simply absorb them and use it for his own purposes, for Solar in this case, he can use electricity's tense charge to vastly speed up the regenerative purposes of his own body, and can use fire's vigorous energy to increases the viciousness of his onslaught.

Solar is also not against using black magic as well, turning to the darker routes of his family's magic, though Patchouli doesn't approve of it, she does understand that it is a path that he and his siblings (Safe for Tenshi) has taken, that instead of the dark being feared, he thought that upon this hand, despite being called 'Solar', that he should embrace the darkness, and in a way, become one with it. Despite using black magic, this seems to have little effect on his morality, as it's still, to him, simply just called magic. It's known that Solar's black magic increases his abilities for a critical hit, as well as to break defense, and even cause a Lunar Eclipse.

It's known that a majority of the magic that Solar uses however, is Wicken, which is a family magic concept developed by his ancestor and his mother. Which means that the magic he uses would be well put as 'witchcraft' at it's finest. And therefore, Lawful Goods may find it hard to have someone like Solar within employment or alliance, though any neutral alignment may find him as a very valuable ally, due to his versatile abilities.

Aside to having a vast intelligence as tactical fighter and with an aptitude for magic. Solar's lightweight body allows him to move very quickly, with a very fast, but not unrivaled speed, though what serves the best in his field aside to his speed would be experimentation and observation through the means of a high accuracy manner of prediction. While Solar's speed isn't unrivaled, his reaction rate often is, which makes him a particularly difficult person to fight overall.

The last ability that Solar has, is his natural hand eye coordination, a trait from his father's side, as well as military swordsmanship combined with a recreational style, it's known he has a few stances with his sword that provide for many advantages. Solar's swordsmanship is no doubt, among the lines of an adept, though he isn't the best when it comes to fighting with swords (as shown with Yorihime and Tenshi), but when used in conjunction with his magic, he becomes immensely a dangerous foe.


  • Within Route X, his alternate name Reaper is a reference to both the Reaper Drone, and a friend's alternate personality.
  • Rule Four of Black&White; It's borderline impossible to piss Solar off before he pisses you off. Congrats, you just wasted twelve seconds of your life.
  • From the conclusive evidence of Solar's backstory, it's likely that the timeline and Gensoukyou Solar is in is that of a different timeline of Touhou. Though there remains a light possibility that the timeline could also, in fact, be the same one.

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