Our Unstable Paths

Within this specific reel, B-timeline Solar had came to greet Yorihime for the morning only to find that she's switched places with her A-timeline counterpart, which the other had noticed that she's wearing different clothes, and isn't in her usual place of comfortability. A-timeline Solar is not present during this reel. A-timeline's Yorihime stays put, whilst B-timeline's Solar tries to slowly figure something out in how to return her home without endangering the timeline in case someone witnesses the sight of two Yorihimes, let alone, a time paradox. Throughout this time stayed in the dimension, A-Yorihime tends to come upon the cases in which she doesn't agree with, within the B-timeline, the following being;

  • Sake being interested in what Yorihime perceives as a Non-Lunarian.
  • The abundance of comradeship and empathy.
  • Sake's unconditional love for her "mother".
  • Solar's occasional snark, along him noticing that A-Yorihime is taking on her counterpart's traits.
  • The existence of Lunar Rabbits in Trinity.
  • The Lunar Corps-Trinity alliance in B-Timeline.
  • Being within an area which holds no purity.
  • Being surrounded by people who have little purity.
  • Her counterpart's ideals. (Which in turn, is currently being shown to A-timeline's children).

The reactions are occasionally melodramatic, the first thing getting a false smile and instantly taking Solar's wine to have a drink so she could cope; which the reactions then continue to be more or less extreme depending on the situation. From not caring to over the top, such as breaking a wine glass stem in her hand. Despite this, however, she comes up with excuses on towards why she won't take action regarding her problems. Eventually, however, despite this being a gagreel, it actually leads to the events of A-Storyline's initial ending.