Kappa are a species of youkai that is native to the area of Gensokyo, they are amphibious and can breath under water, as from what humans would appear, Kappa are rather shorter and are often identified with their caps, engineer uniforms, and their noticeably large backpacks which also seem to be amphibious, and let alone, serves as a large point of armor. It would be safe to assume that Kappa would be comparable to human turtles or tortoises.


Kappa normally have hair in shades of blue, green, and in some cases, brown and black, with the eye color being a variety of colors, though dominantly golden and blue. This is thought to serve as some point of natural camouflage for the Kappa in their habitat, their clothes often consist of these colors too, also as natural camouflage, though their clothes can be just about any color, the Kappa in Trinity have their clothes, which often sets them apart from the rest of the military, a navy blue, but they can also be seen in the organization's colors of black and white.


Where some Kappa may worship Suwako and would assist her, other Kappas are either agnostic or are Shinto, as well as any other religion, but there are some cases where they often debate religion with theories of science, as well as where there is an alternative to Gods. Kappa are known to sometimes say the phrase 'Kapaapaaa', which often identifies them as such, however, not always in those cases, it could be thought as a greeting, a saying, or any other matters which have rather gone unknown. Kappas also have a habit of wearing wetsuits or swimsuits under their waterproof clothing, most likely for swimming or as a sense of undergarments. Kappas will also often refuse to remove their backpacks, claiming that they feel vulnerable and helpless without it, leaving some speculation towards the thought that they are in fact, turtles. Cucumbers are also seen as a widespread Kappa delicacy.

Kappas are also widely renowned engineers and technological masters, often coming up with crazy inventions and other sections where it causes most other Research and Development of other nations to be put within a full laughing stalk of the world. Kappa also have a very strong work ethic and have a love for fixing and tinkering, not all Kappas concern themselves with this, some going into the scientifical field instead, nevertheless, Kappa are usually the first, if not, second to go into the research and race for the future.

Racial Abilities

  • Kappa have the ability to breathe underwater
  • Kappa have the ability to swim faster than most races
  • Kappa have natural knowledge of sea creatures and vegetation.
  • Kappa are able to go through engineering better than most races, and are very technological.
  • The Kappas' technology scale is often compared as only slightly weaker than a Lunarian's to modern dates, but in the past, it paled in comparison.