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  • SolariusFlare

    TF2 League

    September 23, 2014 by SolariusFlare

    Typically reviving this idea..

    League Reveal to Public this Friday.

    Get Steam here

    Get TF2 here

    Both of these are for free.

    The League's rules are a slight modification of Highlander, however, the spread isn't fixed, as well as damage not being fixed. Maps and Gametype are picked entirely at the chance of a probability generator. Whereas referees will be in place running the stopwatch and stats.

    • The team is consisted of nine versus nine people, where each member of the team is a different class than everyone else, shortly put, you may only have one Engy, one Heavy, one Scout, one Spy, one Medic, etc.
      • You may play a game with eight people if it's called for, on final rematch days, you must play with the amount that can make it.
    • Common Sense; Don't c…

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  • SolariusFlare

    Aura Kingdom Group

    August 13, 2014 by SolariusFlare

    This is the guild management page, it will list team members for Aura Kingdom, you're supposed to stick with the levels of your group, said group may have a specific purpose to it, and will have it's own designated leader. You may wait a week for your team to get on, and then you may level on your own.

    ??? notes that the person doesn't have a Wikia or AK chara yet. More teams will be made as we go.

    This team, aside to dealing DPS, is notable for having members that focus on rapid close-ins and finishes, as well as fast run speeds.

    • Yama(Solar)/Furea_Yamato (Leader)
    • RampantToyo/Watatsuki_Toyo
    • ???/Watatsuki_Yori
    • Kazenookami/???
    • The Voile Witch/Hong_Meiling (Or Izayoi_Sakuya)

    • Minato Arisato00/Lense_Valentine
    • ???/Jedly
    • Nights2240/Lucindia
    • Open slot
    • Open sl…

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  • SolariusFlare

    Regarding Policy

    August 6, 2014 by SolariusFlare

    What rules should we have, other than the usual RP and Wiki rules?

    Or suggestions for pages, wtfever?

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  • SolariusFlare

    I got a job, who knew?

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  • SolariusFlare

    Special Notice; This will cross with the internet, so people from other areas, stories, and continuities may attend.

    The Aetherium Gunship is holding it's second tournament, with revised rules in tow. It has three types of tournaments, as well as a challenge mode for the fighters who think they're the best. 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4. 4v4 Has eight slots, 2v2 has sixteen, and 1v1 has thirty-two. The tournament bracket will be supplied by Challonge, and score will be on what the spectators vote on battle proficiency. There will also be a losers' bracket for the main bracket, where the groups all except first and second place will participate. The chat will take place on the Black&White Chat, or SFCW and SFW's own. Do note that some users may prefer t…

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