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The "Plot"

Anyways, it's only so much as a concept, you wake up, faintly reminiscing you were someone else, and the world you lived in was definitely changed Everyone seems to have a slight memory of what their previous world was, and all of you had come from the same place, though things have changed, your looks, your skills, even your species, everyone was left confused and in a daze as all of a sudden, everything changed The world around them looked like an ephemeral dream, but for whatever reason, they just can't wake up

Reports leaked out all over the new world that it definitely wasn't a dream, people did get hurt, and not only that, things that never were recalled on the previous world were also present on this one With the new world, the whole populace had slowly accepted (for the most part) that whatever previous life or achievements they had were gone. And the impossible from the previous world had slowly gone to the possible in this. As after all, even the skills that you held from that world had changed in this current one. In a way, No one knows the cause. Changes can be from miniscule to drastic.

Fast forward a half decade or a decade. Now the world's been fully built with all of these groups, and some territory even left uncharted. This is the current time, and whatever you're part of impacts your standing with this world. Do you reject the change? Or do you go with it how at is knowing you left a previous life with, that of which. You can barely reminisce much of it? But they can only faintly recall it. Like say, their job. But they don't remember absolutely anything. Regardless, the adults come up with their own names, parents worry about recently separated offspring, etc. But they all know that even family could've changed and their kid could be on the other side of the world.

And yes, even formerly impossible species exist, but only if you're still humanoid in appearance

"Plot" Q/A

11:45 FroZenHyBrid When you say drastic, does that include familial ties?

11:45 The Black Dragon of Orihara That case depends. You definitely view this life as one you've lived. But you know it wasn't your's, too.

11:46 The Black Dragon of Orihara You didn't, however, switch your body with someone in that dimension. You're also aware this is completely new, everyone does. One of the factions in this new world will be one that doesn't accept it, maybe even a few. 11:47 FroZenHyBrid So, they reject this change? 11:47 The Black Dragon of Orihara And they're trying to resort to a measure to turn back this rewrite or to go back to the old world they had once known. Yes, they would reject it


Same as ever, look at my RP Guides for general stuff. Too lazy to put them here.

Shortly put/tl;dr Standard RolePlay courtesy is expected. Politeness too.

The sad part; Universal Ban List

Not everyone will participate this time, as I learned including everyone in the FE RP was a bit of a mistake. These people will be barred from joining this RP, and anymore I make at all. These are repeat violators of the rules, or roleplayers that just made the RP overall unpleasant. Don't ask to be removed, or don't come infuriated to me why you're banned. If you're not on here, you're considered clean and you can join.

  • zRexx (For harassment, bringing internet issues to real life, threatening behavior [but not so much intimidating].)
  • JaredTheFox (Mainly for stability and from being banned on this site, see banlog for more reasons why.)
  • Cyrus (Godmodding, repeated complaints, threatening behavior)
  • Nickolasds (Godmodding, sockpuppetry, unpleasant behavior [harassment, disrespectful behavior].)

Optional; The Factions

The Enlightened

Rejectors of the change, the Enlightened don't believe in the rewrite of the change, and think that praying to whatever deity will help them change the world back to what it was before. The Enlightened are pious members that are unsatisfied with the separation of what they faintly recall as family, and think that their God (or Gods) have lost control upon the world, and this is the very thing that is recalled as 'Judgment Day', they believe that as long as they pray, only they shall make it back without the rest of the sinners, viewing this current world as Hell, despite their similar goals with the Return Corporation, they are at odds with them because the Corporation uses science to try and find their way back. The Enlightened make their own weapons, and bless them so that only they can use them.

Enemy to the Return Corporation, Testamony, Tengu, and Syndicate, Underground as well.

Return Corporation

Well-funded, backed by some political areas and mercenaries, granted immunity in some cases to the law, the Return Corporation tries to do what their name suggests, find a way to return to the world. Whether everyone else likes it or not, the Corporation thinks that the current world is either a Dream or a Fantasy, and everyone must wake up from it. Compared to The Enlightened, the Return Corporation uses it's big bucks to research into finding the key to return back to the previous world, thinking that if a barrier or a gate is broken, or if they finally wake up, things will go back to how they were in the previous world. Aside to that, the Return Corporation arms it's mercenaries with it's own weapons.

Enemies to the Enlightened and the Syndicate, and Underground. May come to blows with the Agency and/or Bureau.

The Underground

A group that uses terrorism, espionage, and thievery, and perhaps other (il)legal actions to stall the Enlightened and the Return Corporation for whatever reason, whether it being for fun, rebellion, or the sake of starting conflict, it's unknown for an actual reason as towards why they do so. They might even do it for other reasons than to stall the two factions. The Underground is named for the fact of who they are, shadow operatives that operate underground, and while being regarded as a ragtag group by the Return Corporation, and Infidels by The Enlightened, their numbers are never exactly specified. The Underground is also occasionally at odds with local law enforcement, as well as The Syndicate. It could be possible that the Underground could just be a term to refer to anyone who doesn't entirely conform to the laws made by other societies, and thus, they could be part of a Street Gang that may be under a different moniker, or a professional heisting group. The Black Market of the underground commonly sells Sylph, Agency/Bureau, and Bloody Hand weapons, as well as the standard stock weapons that were manufactured by the PerDef Systems

The Underground can be enemies to everyone, even themselves.

The Tengu

A dominantly theocratic group, the Tengu are a group of youkai that are also considered part of the other races, that wear white and red. The Tengu believe in the world and have accepted themselves within it, but don't take kindly to outsiders. They believe that their God personally gives them orders. The Tengu try fervently to mind their own business, and to stay out of the affairs of the possibly thought, bigger factions and cities. Aside to that, it's thought that the Tengu may warm up to outsiders that choose not to fight, but show a willingness to cooperate. Although this may also possibly spread a bit of corruption within their military.

Enemies to Testamony, The Enlightened

The Syndicate

A multi-business international conglomerate that is widely unknown in their actual affiliation, they claim to be part of no nation, but what they do is widely unknown due to a tight layer of security from the Syndicate's own bodyguards, or maybe even their own private military. The Syndicate does many things in which, may confuse the other factions. Business wise, the Syndicate develops weapons, which makes it a sort of arms race rival to the Return Corporation, aside to that, they run top line hotels and casinos, but not entirely all of them, as some are also ran by the Return Corporation, or even local factions. The Syndicate accepts the world in which it expands it's shroud of light influence ever so slightly. Which makes it something that may get in an Underground Member's way.

Always an enemy to the Return Corporation, and potentially the Underground. May come to blows with the Agency and the Bureau.


A group of mercenaries who pay for the highest coin. Although this may also just be a term for any sort of mercenary-for-hire. They could be convinced if paid a higher sum than their previous employer, to turn their armaments against them. Blacklist uses a widespread amount of weapons, maybe even jeryrigged versions of others or the stock weapons.

Highest bidder gets a good fighting force, or a good fighting person. Blacklist's loyalty is never earned by money, only their skills.

The Bloody Hand

An order bent on a highly military, totalitarian view of the world. The Bloody Hand fights it's common wars with those of Ivory, Dark Iron, Ebon Pact, Testamony and the Sylph, sometimes even The Syndicate, Return, and The Underground. The Bloody Hand won't really seem to stop until everyone's under their flag. Towns under the Bloody Hand's control are often bleak looking with an intense amount of military fortifications, implying a supreme dictatorship over the inhabitants within their control. It's unknown as towards why the Bloody Hand is so intent upon conquering the world, although most think it might just be so all fight for their force as part of a greater scheme.. Bloody Hand weaponry has been spread due to the Underground's black market.

This faction is absolutely an enemy to all but themselves.

Ivory/Dark Iron

Ivory, otherwise well recognized as The Agency, as a force of white-suit wearing members that claim to fight for the freedom of people within pockets of the resistance, and sometimes their own towns, against the Bloody Hand, they're always toe-to-toe against the rival faction of Dark Iron which wear black suits, although may work together with their Bureau counterparts, it's thought that both Ivory and Dark Iron have been part of a nation that once fell under the Bloody Hand's rule, that, or they both serve an unknown shadow nation, and try to expose each other for a bigger payload should one find the other committing crimes aside to fighting the war against the Bloody Hand. Aside to that, both of them are open to fighting against the Syndicate's expanding through use of corporate espionage and assassination. Same goes for them against the Return Corporation too. The Bureau and Agency use weapons of their former (or perhaps still existing) nation, which has seen some widespread use due to the Underground.

Ivory agents and Dark Iron agents will only generally work together if faced by a common enemy, although they are also considered law enforcement, and can be prone to corruption.

Ebon Pact

A group of cultists that try to summon Hellborne and raise the dead to do their bidding, they may capture people in hopes of preparing them as a sacrifice or twistedly bending their will into serving them. Not much is generally known of the Ebon Pact.


A Ranger group that only seeks to protect the natural foundations of the world, and may be loosely associated with the Tengu, compared to other factions, the Sylph use guerrilla warfare. Their weapons, unlike most of the guns that are commonly used today by most, are bows and crossbows using the same types of scope modifications as most guns out there. Aside to that, Sylph are fond of setting traps to hinder enemy patrols or corporate builders coming to survey the land. The Sylph's influence is not everywhere, however. Aside to that, Sylph has quite passionately protected what they consider the land of all, not to be exploited by corporations for resources that they try and mine and drill the land for.


A religious group that serves under what they refer to as The Only One and True God, Testamony takes it's name from the word 'Testament', which they believe that due to their continuously worship, they've lasted in this world for a long time. The group is theocratic and has influence in some other factions, though believe the Tengu to be heathens due to having a different God. Testamony, however, compared to The Enlightened, believe that there is a divine purpose for being put upon the world, calling The Enlightened in an insulting way of The Wayward, they also deny the Ebon Pact's way of life, and outright will try to stop any use of demonology or necromancy.

Enemies to the Ebon Pact, the Tengu, The Enlightened

PerDef Systems

PerDef, otherwise known as Personal Defense, is a company that makes everything about their name a reality, security camera feed, weapons, military vehicles, even Synthetics and Mechforged. PerDef captures the concerned civilian interests as well as Blacklist's own with what they make and sell, making a dominant monopoly on the field. PerDef is only rivaled by that of Project Sunrise, which continues to make better technological advances in the manner of weapons, but not so much of others' weaponry. The systems' hierarchy is unknown, some think it's led by a Synthetic himself, others think that it might be led by a wealthy man who just wanted to make sure everyone had the means to protect themselves.. For the right price, of course.

Project Sunrise

Project Sunrise is a rival arms dealer to PerDef. Although what's eerily known is that despite the lack of information, the group may be entirely ran by an AI who has spread it's control to the Synthetics and Mechforged that are under the group itself. Has technology perhaps gone too far? Or did someone manage to transfer their consciousness before dying, just to lead on the corporation in a manner of somewhat eternal form until someone pulls the plug for good?

The Auto General

A conglomerate of many different auto dealers, The Auto General only entirely serves it's purpose to make many styles of vehicles which are handled by their own branches for it's mean of healthy competition, the branch with the highest gross is said to lead the conglomerate for that quarter of the year, which may even lead to a bit of infighting or sabotage from branch to branch. The Auto General doesn't entirely make military vehicles, as a focus, that is. Although they still try to at least compete with PerDef Systems, although in other cases, cooperate.

The Resistance Movement

Syndicate, Return, Sunrise, PerDef, The Agency, the Bureau. All of these factions are what the Resistance are trying to break free of, technology's gone too far, and it's still used to wage war and spill blood today. The Resistance is much like the Underground, but fighting for a noble cause. The Resistance hopes to stand against all of these factions in order to ensure the survival of the races of the world, even going as far as to try and recruit them to their cause, even if it means the risk of dying. The Resistance feels that it fights a secret war, and will gladly accept anyone fighting for their cause.


All Races must be of humanoid appearance, but can possess bestial traits (Like rabbit ears/tail, or cat, wolf, etc.), depending on the traits, your character's race will be different. Aside to that, there's different types of Humans, and other species which depend on the faction or their original origin.


Commonly known as the dominant race, Homo Sapiens, or commonly regarded as the Humans, are a widespread species that have so many cultures to count, and with the recent change of history, this might've caused a schism in how humans are, not only in race, but potentially splitting the group of what they are into multiple "splinters", potentially these "splinters" could be something other than human, but act so much alike, and not only that, have the same sort of organs and blood as humans, that they could never really be called anything else. Humans are what started the civilization of the world, whether or not with help of the other races present on the world, it's always stood that any civilization had initially been started by the humans, but for better or worse, is always a question. As Humans even fight amongst themselves.


More so recognized as 'rabbit people', Lagotyr possess incredible hearing, making them excellent scouts, although not so much trackers. Aside to that, they're known to perform better feats of acrobatics compared to human capability, although aren't considered as strong, safe for their legs.. Lagotyr have two variants, that of the Sun, and that of the Shadow, both variants do nothing to impact alignment or faction, but impacts more so appearance.


Sun Lagotyr possess a slightly younger appearance compared to their Shadow/Moon cousins. Sun Lagotyr possess a more youthful appearance, even when in their twenties to thirties, and, consequentially, look a bit more like children. Aside to that, they're rather light-hearted and trickster like in nature, pulling pranks and setting small, usually harmless traps on travelers, although there have been cases of some malicious work in the form of harmful traps, done by Sun Lagotyr as well. These Lagotyr are more active during the day, as they are compared to the night, and normally function like normal humans do in terms of active awake time. Sun Lagotyr usually have bright-colored, natural fur, that also goes with their hair, although as with any race, there are accounts of this fur and hair being dyed.


Sometimes referred to as Moon Lagotyr, Shadow Lagotyr are more so named for being the more matured variants of Lagotyr, and due to their nocturnal behavior, likely have an impact on the nightlife of the cities. Shadow Lagotyr are slightly serious compared to those of the sun, but can be fairly charismatic and skilled at cajoling and flattery compared to their brethren. They shown signs of maturity upon age fifteen. Although never enter nightlife until age twenty. They avoid raves due to their sensitive ears, however, but this is of a usual thought. Shadow Lagotyr are often distinguished from Sun Lagotyr via having natural fur/hair color that would be unnatural compared to their Sun cousins. Shadow Lagotyr tend to best deal as informants, magic users, and above all, due to their natural charisma, spies.


Sometimes called the 'Wolven', Canisrir are dog/wolf people, depending on what they are, they could be a tribe, or a civilized group, although regardless, they are always mostly known for their loyalty and intelligence. Canisrir come in a bit of a multitude of different cultures, some are lifelong protectors. Others could even be cunning and a little bit traitorous. Regardless, if you're sure a Canisrir is on your side, and he or she makes it clear, you'll be glad that he or she is. The Tengu are of their own faction.


The Laughing Canisrir, often found in harsh desert landscapes are a form of Canisrir that are often found within tribes, which use different types of laughing to communicate with the rest of their group. They are often found in shades of brown, as well as black spots, although there are rumors that some are seen in coats of black or grey, roaming about ancient temples and burial sites. The black and grey are also grouped into the section, as they're also thought to be Laughing Canisrir. A Laughing Canisrir however, is not to be considered unintelligent due to their tribal upbringing, as they still have made articles of power and weapons of their own that have yet to be discovered still, and that it's best to not have a angry tribe after you for something stupid you've done.

Tengu (Wolf)

Tengu are often found upon mountain areas in a large amounts of packs, while considered a tribe, the tengu are actually widely educated and intelligent enough to've made their own cities and be organized into a military group, that of which they share with a few other sub-sets of species in which they also consider Tengu. The Tengu Canisrir, or in their culture, called the Wolf Tengu, often go about with what they consider their kindred, serving under a theocratic God which they all believe to have signs from. Despite the Theocratic nature of this group, however, there is no Church present, and it's unknown towards how the Tengu can communicate with this so-called, 'God'. Wolf Tengu make for excellent fighters and trackers, and most soldiers that are Wolf Tengu usually find their intruder.


Prowler Canisrir are commonly mistaken (and called) Kitsunes, although all they have is one tail.. Prowlers aside to their Guard cousins (which would be comparable to dog people that have traits of domestic dogs) are commonly encountered in everyday life and in the city, usually serving as a fitting job of either criminals (for the Prowlers), and, true to their name, security guards. Aside to that, like their Tengu cousins, Prowlers and Guards make for excellent soldiers and trackers. Guards are also occasion, pets of humans.

Currently Unnamed Cat Race

The {REDACTED} are a race of Cat-like humanoids thought to be distant relatives of the Hellborne Nekomata, although as they're distant, they are not close enough to the Nekomata to be called them. It's commonly thought that the {REDACTED} won't get along with the Canisrir, although there are accounts of the two getting along on the occasion. They are commonly known for aside to having greater sight during nightime, for having slit pupils for their eyes, as well as great reflexes and aerodynamic behavior. They make for excellent hunters on their own, compared to the Canisrir, who often use pack tactics.


Big Cat variants of the {REDACTED}, Stalkers are well renowned for their (usual) natural talent of stealth, and have a penchant for sneaking up on people whether for predatory reasons or play. This in turn makes them excellent assassins or scouts, but it also makes them seem like a ghost within the party, you feel as someone's there, but you're not quite sure. The Stalker subline of this race is well renowned for also, hunting instincts. While not excellent trackers persay, they make up for ferocity and a tracked mind that keeps ticking and thinking, instead. Watch your back when within the plains or the jungle, you never know if a Stalker with a more feral mind could be right behind you, wishing for a bit of a meal.


Often recognized as companions, these are generally regarded as pets for humans, though whether or not the human treats them as another person or just a pet. Regardless, the House variant of {REDACTED} has proven, much like the Guard Canisrir, to be part of everyday life, sometimes as their own being part of the workforce. Aside to that, house {REDACTED} are efficient at keeping pests out of the house, no matter what kind of pest it would be. Although this brings a danger to venomous insects, snakes, and other beings, which could sicken or endanger the House {REDACTED}. Sadly, as with any pet-like being, the House {REDACTED} could possibly be sold, as with anyone, into slavery, as well as the blurred line between 'pet' and 'slave'.


Well known for the great wingspans sprouting from their back, the Aviark are well recognized as Birdpeople. Aviark are well-renowned for their gift of flight, compared to the other races, although as with any gift, comes a price. Whilst being capable of flight, the wings are a sensitive spot to hit, and can cause great pain like a Canisrir or {REDACTED}'s tail being pulled our chopped clean off. And without wings to fly, the Aviark would just as well be another human with talon-like feet and molting feathers. The Tengu are of their own faction.

Tengu (Carrion)

Tengu are often found upon mountain areas in a large amounts of packs, while considered a tribe, the tengu are actually widely educated and intelligent enough to've made their own cities and be organized into a military group, that of which they share with a few other sub-sets of species in which they also consider Tengu. The Tengu Aviark, or in their culture, called the Crow Tengu, although in other cases, Vulture Tengu may exist, often go about with what they consider their kindred, serving under a theocratic God which they all believe to have signs from. Despite the Theocratic nature of this group, however, there is no Church present, and it's unknown towards how the Tengu can communicate with this so-called, 'God'. Crow Tengu make for excellent scouts and informants, aside to that, they are often found to be commonly using wind magic. Crow Tengu could might as well be the fastest fliers of the Aviark as a whole, only comparable to the Raptors.


Commonly recognized as Birds of Prey, Raptors are keen and analytical, usually being fighters that capitalize on every mistake their 'prey' makes, giving no hesitation to take advantage and potentially kill what they find. Raptors are the lesser known Aviark, and much has yet to be discovered of them..


A race of Draconic humanoids, thought long lost to time due to the rarity of said Dragons. The Draconian history runs vast and deep, thought to either be Humans that had so eagerly served Dragons, and had eventually turned into Draconians via evolution from being near their presence and adapting to the environment. Others think they were bioengineered soldiers or subjects that were forced under the manner of science by either groups trying to make a new race of loyal soldiers, or perhaps, Dragons themselves. The Draconians, aside to knowing the common language that most people use, can also speak within Dracotongue. Aside to that, Draconians may either view the other races as lower, or may refuse to socialize with others.


More commonly referred to as Demons, the race of the Hellborne is vast, and therefore, so many variants could be recorded, including the common ones thought to've been in mythical lore. The Hellborne can communicate with one another through the speech of Below, as well as Dead Latin.

This Race is always of Chaotic nature, unless stated otherwise.


More of less the polar opposite and counterparts of the Hellborne, don't expect them to get along with said counterparts. The Celestials are thought to be capable of talking to each other using Dead Latin, aside to that, Celestials may speak also in the Older form of Common

This Race is always of Lawful nature, unless stated otherwise


Recognized as spirits, but not quite undead, Youkai are what could be called within the middle of the Celestial and the Hellborne, not too good, not too bad, not too malicious, and not too peaceful. Tengu are also considered Youkai, although they're also technically part of the other races. Youkai are also considered monsters, and can take either a monstrous, or humanoid form.


Life after death, some consider it to be the perfect paradise due to immortality, most consider it to be suffering from the constant pain felt from whatever killed them. The Undead could also have lost their minds from the rotting of their organs and the loss of sanity to their soul. Although preserved souls could cling to their last threads of hope, to never die and give up, to find purpose, and retain their sanity, as long as that purpose is one that they serve willingly.

This Race must be of another Race initially, unless the race is not determinable from both lack of remembering history, as well as being too rotted to tell. Key signs of knowing the race must also be absent.


Commonly called Synths, or Androids, Synthetics are robotic-esque organisms that have been given bio-organic tissue to be more associated to humans. Synthetics usually have their own minds, although some can just be made to be worker, security, or direction-giving drones. A hacker or one well-versed in robotics could end up taking over a Synth's main directive, provided the Synthetic doesn't have too much of a free will, or too organic a brain. Synthetics commonly talk with a light mechanical echo to their voice, although some can just talk and act like normal humans. Bio-organic tissue allow the Synth to survive bodies of water compared to the Mechforged. While originally made by Project Sunrise and PerDef, Synthetics can be made by any faction as long as they're technologically advanced enough.


Simply, Robots. Mechforged are made by PerDef and sometimes Project Sunrise to be licensed as automated security personnel and detail, Mechforged talk only in monotonous form, text, Morse code (either by beeps or flashes of a flashlight), or perhaps none at all. Mechforged are clearly not humanoid in nature, but may have an AI built in to diminish the monotonous talking and maybe, even be given their own personality. Mechforged are designed to know how to access terminals, hold and use weapons, as well as patrol or protect certain people. Due to the fact that Mechforged are built for the dominant sole purpose of these things, they are recognized as expendable, and not so much people. Even if given an AI and a voice and a personality. Mechforged can come in many different forms aside to a bipedal form, and thus could be a floating robot without much of a humanoid-esque body. Mechforged also have the potential to become Synthetics.

Expecting a Hedgehog/Echidna-esque Humanoid Race? TOO BAD

Care to develop a Race? Ask me in PMs on whatever chat you find me on.

You'll need;

A halfways-decent name for the species

A backstory

At least two variants unless there's a reason why the race isn't entirely split.


Please make it so your weapon is at least concurrent with your Job Class, Occupations are different than Job Classes, and you may dual-role these, skills are concurrent with Occupations a bit more, or hobbies that can at least make a light living off of. You may also be Unemployed.

  • Name:
  • Race:
  • Economic Class:
  • Job Class/Occupation (If Any):
  • Distinguishable Traits:
  • Appearance:
  • Weapons (If Any):
  • Skills:
  • Alignment:
  • Faction (If Any):

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